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Discover our inclusive, personalized programs designed to nurture growth, ignite potential, and foster independence for adults with DDA.

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PASA - Personal Approved Service Agency

Your trusted partner for quality personal care.

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HCA - Home Health Agency

Dependable home health services for comfort and safety.

Welcome to All Shades Care Inc

Navigating life with a developmental disability can often be challenging, fraught with obstacles and moments of self-doubt. However, these hurdles shouldn’t overshadow the inherent abilities and potential you possesses.

At All Shades Care Inc, we believe that with the right support, encouragement, and opportunities, individuals with developmental disabilities and autism can shine brightly, leading fulfilling lives full of possibilities. Together, we can make a change.

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Our Commitment Mission Statement

To champion the rights, independence, and growth of adults with developmental disabilities and autism. We strive to amplify every shade of ability, ensuring that each individual we serve experiences the dignity, respect, and opportunities they deserve.

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